Packaging Materials

Cartons :
You will need many cartons in assorted sizes. All boxes should be in good condition and must have covers on them so that they can be closed and sealed. You can purchase cartons from your movers.

Sealing Tape :
The best tape for this purpose is plastic tape. Your rolls of tape should be at least 2 inches wide.

Wrapping Paper :
You will need plenty of wrapping papers, so save old newspapers. But keep in mind, however, that the ink on some newsprint never thoroughly dries. Consequently, the goods you wrap in newspapers are most likely going to be soiled and will require cleaning after unpacking.

Caurgarate Roll Paper :
You Will Use this Roll ( Wrapped Paper) for Packing your Furniture and Upper for your Electronics Items.

Air Bubble :
You Will Use Air Bubble for Electronics Items, Crockery & Fragile Items for Safe Movement

Thermocol :
You Will Use This for Wrap the Glass, Mirror and Electronic Item

Marker :
This is for marking your packed cartons with such information as the contents of box and "Fragile", This side up etc.

What we can do for you?

  • ⇔ Quality Packing of Goods
  • ⇔ Uses of good packing materials
  • ⇔ Packing with professionally trained workers
  • ⇔ Utmost Care while packing
  • ⇔ Loading and Unloading of goods
  • ⇔ Safe and Secure Moving or Transportation of Goods
  • ⇔ Prompt & punctual delivery of goods
  • ⇔ Careful unpacking & rearranging at new destination
  • ⇔ Competitive price to give you economical relocation experience
  • ⇔ In general, Quality Packers and Movers Services

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